5 Good Reasons to use Promotional Products

1st March 2015 in Branding Advice

5 Good Reasons to use Promotional Products

5 Good reasons to use Promotional Products

If your business has never used promotional products, here are 5 good reasons that might change your mind:


wristbands wishes4kids

Wristbands wishes4kids

  1. People who received a promotional product during the  last year were questioned by the BPMA and a whopping 66% of them said that they still remember the brand that advertised on the product they received. That means that customers who only buy once a year will be much more  likely to remember you when they need their next order.
  2. Promotional products deliver a better return on investment than radio or outdoor poster advertising, because they are close by your customers hand when they want to contact you with another enquiry. Outdoor ads and radio ads never catch them at the right time or the right place to write down your contact details.
  3. It develops loyalty and is much more likely that clients who received a freebie from you will give you the chance to quote for their next order, before they go to the bother of looking for a new supplier.
  4. Most people actually keep their promo gifts for up to, and even longer than a year, as long as they are something that is useful and relevant to them. So if you are good at choosing the right product, it won’t get dumped into a desk drawer. This increases your chances of being visible to others, such as their friends, family and business visitors who you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.
  5. When someone one gives you something,  it is an automatic reaction to want to give them something back, so if there are 2 companies offering the same goods at the same price, the company they choose will be the one who gave them a free gift, in order to return the favour.

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