10 Reasons to Use Promotional Products for Your Business

12th June 2014 in Branding Advice

Ten Tips on How Promotional Products Can Get You More of These!

Ten Tips on How Promotional Products Can Get You More of These!

Promotional products, giveaways and branded items should be part of every organisations marketing activity. Wither it is to support the branding of a new company or help increase sales and leads for an established company. Promotional goods can play a key role in developing customer engagement as well as building brand loyalty. Popular promotional products like pens, note pads, water bottles, and tote bags are some great examples of things people will use on a daily basis; other people will see your logo when recipients use them, which can turn into more leads and more business for you in the long run. Do you need a bit of proof that they are crucial and effective?

  1. Developing Brand Goodwill: Do you exhibit at the local exhibitions, trade shows, charity golf tournaments, and fundraising events? If yes, you need to provide your audience and fellow exhibitors with a tangible reminder that you were there, for the good of the community as well as exposure for your company!
  2. Increase Brand Reach: Many companies attend industry relative exhibitions but what about those events you don’t consider directly appropriate to your company? Promotional items can give you access to such events in a very cost effective way. The promotional good can send the message you want the audience to hear via exhibition hand-outs.  Or how about dual branded items with a local cause, charity or public service such as, the Fire Department.  These organisations often hold open days and no doubt, would dearly love giveaways for their events.
  3. Develop Customer Loyalty: Do you have customers who you want to thank for being with you for “X” amount of years, “X” number of referrals, “X” amount of items purchased from you, or money spent at your place of business? This would be a great thank you to them for helping your business to grow! Everyone loves recognition but how many of us get it from the brands we love?
  4. Develop Offline Traffic: Going to an exhibition is one thing getting people to the stand and engage is quite another! Have something interesting for them that they will not only hang onto, but others will see and ask “Where did you get that!?” Everything Branded have a great range of items that will act as a “keepsake”, that are unique and meaningful to take home, and not too expensive!
  5. Make a Celebration or Launch Memorable: Just starting up? Promotional goods are a great way to show people you intend to stay around for a while. Mark an anniversary with a gift that really says, “Thanks for your business through the years.”
  6. Develop Employee Loyalty: Give them a tangible thank you gift on their significant anniversary or your business financial year-end. (Providing the results permit of course!)  Everything Branded can provide branded food items that would be great at a corporate picnic.  It may be small gesture but you really will have them ‘eating out of your hands’.
  7. Provide an Incentive: Employees and customers alike will always strive and welcome free gifts. Take a walk around a supermarket anytime, study the product packaging consumer incentives are abound.  Providing an appropriate reward for a targeted activity be it, to hit a sales target or buy x items of a product, is a culture we are all familiar with and act on daily.  Just open your wallet now as count the loyalty cards!
  8. Develop Purchase Habits: Such a technique is a regularly used strategy within certain industries.  Getting the initial purchase can often be the biggest hurdle but once the consumer develops a purchasing habit they often show a lack of inertia to move brands.  Familiarity becomes a ‘cosy’ choice and of course such brands, drop in a promotional item reward now and then just to ‘lock-in’ the consumer further
  9. Develop Online Traffic: Getting your company’s website address in front of as many customers and prospects as possible is a must.  Traffic is vital on the web.  The more ‘eyeballs’ the greater the sales potential. Driving traffic online can be a tricky and not an inexpensive business.  Increasingly Everything Branded clients are online companies using promotional goods to create awareness and a brand differential.
  10. Develop Social Skills: The boom in social media has presented companies with amazing opportunities to engage with potential consumers.  Some organisations are now taking it to a different level using promotional giveaways to attract vital retweets and engagements as well as follows, friends and likes.

In summary, promotional goods have been used within the marketing effort as a business discipline by organisations worldwide for many years. Major brands on almost a daily basis launch such campaigns for all the good reasons mentioned above. So why not join them and have your brand reach new heights.