An Education On Eco Promotional Products

20th August 2019 in Advice | Green

An Education On Eco Promotional Products

Leading eco-friendly supplier XINDAO took the time out to speak with EB’s sales team to promote the benefits of sustainable products.

At EverythingBranded, we love learning. After all, being aware of the latest products is fundamental in helping you get the best product for your campaign. And that’s true when it comes to eco products. We may have launched our #goeco movement earlier this summer and campaigned for a more sustainable existence, but in the grand scheme of things, the fight has only just begun. So when market-leading eco-friendly supplier XINDAO offered to come to EverythingBranded’s offices to talk to our sales team, we jumped at the chance to educate ourselves on eco friendly promotional products.

Expert product knowledge
Sophie Kelembeck, Sales Account Manager at XINDAO, spent most of last Thursday on the sales floor, showing EverythingBrandeded’s sales team their ever-expanding range of eco-friendly promotional products. But not only that, it was great to speak first-hand with a manufacturer and learn more about the materials used, processes involved, the features of the products and the relative benefits they enjoy compared to non-eco products. And the sales team not only increased their understanding of eco-products, but gained the knowledge to best advise you and find you the perfect promotional product.

The future
And that’s what we’re committed to doing at EverythingBranded. By forging such close relationships with our suppliers and encouraging an open-door policy to speak with our sales team, we ensure our sales team are the best prepared and most knowledgeable on not just eco products, but any product we sell. If we do this, we can ensure the best possible service for our customers. And if we can promote eco-friendly products and promote sustainability, that’s got to be good for everyone in the long term, hasn’t it?

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