A-level results – What to do when your teenager doesn’t get the grades…

14th August 2019 in Advice | News

A-level results – What to do when your teenager doesn’t get the grades…

On Thursday, August 15, thousands of teenagers across the country will collect their A-level results and find out if they have the grades they need to take their next steps. It can be stressful for everyone involved; parents, teachers and students. As a parent, knowing how to support your teenager, whatever the outcome, can make a real difference.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan. Predicted grades aren’t always accurate, and while it can be upsetting for your teenager to not get the results they hoped for, there are plenty of things they can do.

Here, EverythingBranded looks at those options so you can do the best for your son or daughter…

  1. Stay calm

It’s the moment your youngster has been working towards, and the computer screen or that piece of paper is telling them their dreams are shattered. Remember, there is ALWAYS a different path to take. Our CEO, Paul Rowlett, left school with one GCSE and didn’t even take his A-levels, and things turned out okay for him. The same can be said for Walt Disney, Richard Branson and Henry Ford, so they’re in good company.

  1. Contact your first and insurance universities

Your youngster’s first or insurance choices might be able to be flexible, so tell them to get in touch as soon as they can. Don’t email – tell them to find the university’s number on their website and make sure they speak to someone.

  1. Apply through clearing

UCAS clearing lets your teenager apply for the university places that are still available after the main round of applications. This means they can choose from courses with lower requirements. One in ten students use clearing each year. This year, clearing vacancies are removed from UCAS on September 30.

  1. Consider other options

You may be surprised to hear it, but uni isn’t the be-all and end-all. There are other things equally exciting things your son or daughter could choose to do with their career, such as:

  • A higher or degree apprenticeship
  • A school/college leaver programme

University isn’t the only route to academic and career success after school or college. The new higher and degree apprenticeships give school and college leavers the chance to work towards higher education qualifications all the way up to masters level, all while training within a paid and highly skilled job.

  1. Use a gap year to think it over…

If your son or daughter is struggling to decide what’s best for them, they could take some time out to think properly about their future.

A gap year could be the opportunity to raise money and gain skills and experience through a job, and think about the best option for them. If they decide against university, it will also give them time to find the most suitable job, apprenticeship or school/college leaver programme. It might seem scary, but planning carefully might be a better choice than rushing into a last-minute decision they’re not sure about. To check out EverythingBranded’s current vacancies, visit our website here.