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Welcome to's other Usb page.

With the increased use of computers and consumer electronics, a promotional flash drive is a great way of promoting your brand, product or service. Here at we not only sell promotional usb sticks but also loads of other products that incorporate a usb. we buy direct from the Far East so you can guarantee that you will always get the best prices and we offer a price beat guarantee.

Can't see what i'm looking for ?

Even though we have a huge range we have to hold our hands up to this one, if we were to load every possible promotional usb drive on to our site then we would not be able to even reply to enquires as this would take months. We do however have thousands of available promotional Usb flash drives available to be sent direct to you if you let us know your promotional plans and we will use our expertise to offer the most suitable available.

We love the usb products but why no prices ?

Well good or bad the reality of the world now is that the Far East is where most our products are made nowadays, and this includes usb flash drives. The great thing is you the end user will get some great low prices on all usb products with suprisingly fast lead times (10-15 days) if not sooner. As we buy our products using the US dollar the prices change day to day so it would be unfair to list prices that we were unable to honour. Please use our quick quote form for latest prices on all usb flash drives , and remember we buy direct so our prices are extremely competitive.

Promotional usb memory sticks are an great way to advertise and put your company ahead of the pack. Our usb flashdrives come in a variety of shapes and memory sizes from 512mb - a massive 64gb (this can change daily with new products). All usb flashdrives can be designed with your company's logo and corporate colour.

With our technology ran world growing the use of usb memory stick is growing daily and is is one of the most used pieces of equipment both at work and at home. With the ability to upload information onto usb flashdrives you can guarantee that the end user will see your message or logo everytime they use the usb flashdrive. With great portability this means that your company's logo will be advertised to people everywhere it is used for years to come.

We have an infinate amount of styles , how you may ask ? well this is because we can build bespoke usb flashdrives so the limit is endless when it comes to design.

Order by Relevance | Lowest Price | Highest Price