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Looking for something a little more special ?. Here at we know that clients don't just want low cost plastic pens that is why we offer the biggest choice in the UK. When it comes to choosing the right promotional gift to advertise your company or corporate event, you are faced with what seems like an overwhelming amount of items to choose from. How do you possibly sort through all the data that is out there and come up with the perfect solution for your business? To help make your choice a little easier, I would like to tell you a bit about our high quality promotional metal pens and how they could be the right option for your business.
As much as we sing the praises of our printed plastic range of pens, which are a very popular choice with the majority of our distributors, sometimes you need something that just stands out from the crowd a little more than usual. This is where the advantage of higher end, promotional metal pens come in useful. In many of these cases, the target audience or situation will often be slightly different from your usual everyday business setting, requiring a printed, personalised, promotional gift that makes a statement, leaving the recipient with a sense of appreciation and sending a clear message that they are highly valued. These would be ideal in a variety of circumstances, from a seasonal or high caliber marketing campaign, to showing an individual business contact or customer that their business is truly appreciated.

One of the most important things to consider when looking into printed promotional metal pens for your company, is the longevity and durability of such an item. It will not only outlive most other types of promotional item, it will remain an attractive and useful product for many years to come and during its long lifespan, will continue to promote your company brand or personalised message every single day of it’s life. That, in any business, is hard to beat.

Of course, the benefits don’t stop there, with higher end gift such as promotional metal pens, the potential value of your printed message dramatically heightens. There aren’t many people who, when presented with a high quality, printed promotional metal pen, are likely to discard it or simply leave it in a draw. If you provide them with a product that is pleasurable to use and attractive to view, you are substantially increasing the chances of them keeping it with them, as a daily corporate pen. Everybody in business enjoys having a high quality metal pen to hand when needed, especially in important meetings or presentations where image is all-important and in these cases, a promotional metal pen is the only real option. I know myself that if I were given any number of printed promotional gifts, the one I would be the most likely to keep and use regularly, would be the one that I want want to show off to people the most, benefitting both myself and the company whose brand I would carry.

Here, at the Pen Warehouse, we don’t believe that that a high quality promotional metal pen should necessarily equal a high price for you and with that in mind we offer you a large range of both branded and unbranded metal pens that can be personalised for your use. Our promotional metal pens can be printed with your unique brand or logo and will provide that touch of class to any setting. Our range of metal pens start from only 43p a unit for the ‘Isis Grip Metal Ball Pen’ and increases to our top-of-the-range, sterling silver, ‘Sterling Classic Rollerball’ pen, with gold plated trim, when only the very best will do.
Engraved Pens

Once you have chosen a metal promotional pen that suits your needs, you should then consider how best to promote your image or company brand to it’s best advantage. To match the superior standing of your metal pen, we would strongly advise personalising it with an equally superior method. Engraved pens are a very classic, popular promotional item that gives a elite finishing touch to your unique branding. All our printing and engraving is done in-house and we use the highest, state of the art equipment, to finely and accurately engrave your pens, guaranteeing a clean, high quality finish.

Another benefit of choosing engraved pens, apart from their widespread appeal and obvious quality, is the fact that the message or company branding will never rub-off or be obscured over time. Our engraved pens are for life and, are far more likely to be given, or passed on, as a treasured item than overlooked or left unused. As we all know, if you make someone feel appreciated and valued, they are far more likely to return the favour in the future, engraved pens will allow just that, providing you with a host of benefits for future communications with your end user.

The process of engraving these pens has changed a lot over recent years, developing from a system that required a painstaking amount of time and effort to produce your logo, to today’s option of laser engraving technology. The benefits of the progressions in this particular field are immense and speed up the process when creating engraved pens, while allowing pinpoint accuracy and ultra fine detailing that would not previously have been possible. As the set-up time for this has dramatically decreased, we are able to supply your promotional metal pens quickly while still retaining a very professional level of service and quality. The choice of finish on the engraved area of the pen is purely down to your personal preference and although some corporate pens may have their final branding chemically blackened to give a darker appearance, the most popular choice is to leave the engraving in the base colour of the personalised metal pen.

Yet another advantage the progress in today’s technology gives us, is the ability to be able to offer you a much smaller, minimum order quantity of engraved pens than would normally be possible, allowing you to have more freedom when making your final choice. We are even able to engrave a single metal pen for you if that is your preference, allowing many possibilities for individual personalisation or customisation options.
Corporate Pens

In the world of commerce and industry, the use of a higher class of engraved metal pen would most likely be used to send a message to valued individuals and open doors to possible business opportunites. With this in mind the overall appearance of this promotional gift must reflect your needs exactly. Corporate pens often reflect the type of business they are there to represent, from time honoured and traditional to modern and high-tech. We also understand that well known brand names may play a part in your corporate pens requirements and we are able to meet your needs with all popular, easily recognisable names including Parker and Waterman.

In addition to the appearance of your corporate pen, You might like to consider which choice of nib would best suit you. We offer both smooth flowing rollerballs and more conservative executive fountain pens, shaping the end product to the exact needs of your target audience. The option of a classic promotional fountain pen would possibly lend itself best to either a slightly older, more traditional recipient or to someone who appreciated the value of having a pen that is kept on show for more formal occasions, whereas a rollerball could be used as a more daily personalised product, while still retaining it’s high end feel and quality.

The plethora of choices continue with a choice of push-button or twist action mechanism, capped or non capped corporate pens, a large range of colours and a choice of weights and finishes, offering you the largest range in Europe.

Our engraved pens and personalised corporate pens are also available with a range of optional presentation packaging to enhance their presentational value and highlight their features to perfection. We also have a range of corporate pens and personalised metal pens that are available in a luxury gift set with a matching mechanical pencil or pen to complement your chosen promotional product, thereby ensuring you get the best of both worlds!

Pride or Vanity?

To be a success in any marketing of printed promotional goods requires a large dose of common sense. Basic human nature makes us predictable creatures in many ways and to succeed in today's competitive market you should be using that to your very best advantage. High quality, personalised, promotional gifts such as an engraved pens, can be used to such an advantage. When using the corporate pen as a show of appreciation to an individual, it’s the most natural thing in the world for the recipient to feel pride in being valued and our self imposed vanity will demand we show it off to others, spreading your business branding around in the process. Doing this proves our worth not only to ourselves but also to others, showing us as a successful and valued business contact, thereby increasing our prospects as well as our future business relations. Never underestimate the power of a beautifully engraved corporate pen!

Our Guarantee

With our large, nationwide distributor network, our staff will be able to direct your order will an efficient, friendly service, or if you would prefer to place your order for engraved pens through your regular promotional goods supplier, that’s fine too!

We know we offer you an un-rivalled selection in quality promotional products and unbeatable customer service, so to add total peace of mind to your decision making process we are please to be able to offer you a total, 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t totally satisfied with your promotional metal pens and to thank you for your custom, we would like to give you a high quality free gift on completion of your order.

So what have you got to lose? If you have any questions or need advice on your corporate pens selection, just contact us today by phone or email, or fill in our enquiry form on our website at today!

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