Getting the Right Results from Your Student Communication

Be Heard by Your Students

Be Heard by Your Students

Every day your students are exposed to a plethro of communications radio, TV, newspapers, and social media all carrying commercial messages that keep their minds engaged, and at times confused. Students receive off-and on-line Word-of Mouth communication from many sources and are exposed to countless images in everyday life.

Your message is just another image competing for attention!

What does it take to reach your students and make a lasting impression?

Here are the 6 key characteristics your student communication should include:

  1. Appeal. Appeal is a way to attract a student’s attention to a message by making it interesting, entertaining, and emotional. Students are more likely to pay attention to the things that appeal to them, rather than things that do not. And they’re more likely to remember and recall things they do pay attention to, rather than things they do not.
  2. Clarity. Clarity is about separating the core message from the background noise, the irrelevant things that suppress, obscure, and distort the message. The core message is the “Big Picture,” the primary goal sought by a campaign; and it can be conveyed with a simple story told in a logical order that relates to student lives.
  3. Directness. Directness is about being explicit. Students are more likely to understand an explicit rather than an implicit message. One way to make the message direct is to use catchy phrases, symbols and icons that students understand.
  4. Stickiness. The human memory is like a wax block. Socrates once argued that there are characteristics, which cause some images to stick, while others do not. Stickiness is a quality of memorability; it attracts and holds attention. People find it easier to remember things that make a lasting impression on them, things that “stick” in their minds, such as the right word, the right phrase, especially when spelled out by the right character in the right context.
  5. Credibility. Credibility is the reality that makes a message believable. Have students themselves share their experiences. Let them add emotion rather than just being coached in front of cameras by professional marketers and public relations experts.
  6. Transparency. Transparency is about honesty, being forthright with students. Messages shouldn’t convey attributes that are not part of student life. Students will quickly see through phony messages that convey unrealistic promises.

In summary, to make a message bring the desired outcome it should be appealing, clear, direct, sticky, credible, and transparent, using characters and stories that students are familiar with, can easily memorize and can recall at the moment they are making a decision.

Get this right and you’ll be awarded with top marks..!

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10 Reasons to Use Promotional Products for Your Business

Ten Tips on How Promotional Products Can Get You More of These!

Ten Tips on How Promotional Products Can Get You More of These!

Promotional products, giveaways and branded items should be part of every organisations marketing activity. Wither it is to support the branding of a new company or help increase sales and leads for an established company. Promotional goods can play a key role in developing customer engagement as well as building brand loyalty. Popular promotional products like pens, note pads, water bottles, and tote bags are some great examples of things people will use on a daily basis; other people will see your logo when recipients use them, which can turn into more leads and more business for you in the long run. Do you need a bit of proof that they are crucial and effective?

  1. Developing Brand Goodwill: Do you exhibit at the local exhibitions, trade shows, charity golf tournaments, and fundraising events? If yes, you need to provide your audience and fellow exhibitors with a tangible reminder that you were there, for the good of the community as well as exposure for your company!
  2. Increase Brand Reach: Many companies attend industry relative exhibitions but what about those events you don’t consider directly appropriate to your company? Promotional items can give you access to such events in a very cost effective way. The promotional good can send the message you want the audience to hear via exhibition hand-outs.  Or how about dual branded items with a local cause, charity or public service such as, the Fire Department.  These organisations often hold open days and no doubt, would dearly love giveaways for their events.
  3. Develop Customer Loyalty: Do you have customers who you want to thank for being with you for “X” amount of years, “X” number of referrals, “X” amount of items purchased from you, or money spent at your place of business? This would be a great thank you to them for helping your business to grow! Everyone loves recognition but how many of us get it from the brands we love?
  4. Develop Offline Traffic: Going to an exhibition is one thing getting people to the stand and engage is quite another! Have something interesting for them that they will not only hang onto, but others will see and ask “Where did you get that!?” Everything Branded have a great range of items that will act as a “keepsake”, that are unique and meaningful to take home, and not too expensive!
  5. Make a Celebration or Launch Memorable: Just starting up? Promotional goods are a great way to show people you intend to stay around for a while. Mark an anniversary with a gift that really says, “Thanks for your business through the years.”
  6. Develop Employee Loyalty: Give them a tangible thank you gift on their significant anniversary or your business financial year-end. (Providing the results permit of course!)  Everything Branded can provide branded food items that would be great at a corporate picnic.  It may be small gesture but you really will have them ‘eating out of your hands’.
  7. Provide an Incentive: Employees and customers alike will always strive and welcome free gifts. Take a walk around a supermarket anytime, study the product packaging consumer incentives are abound.  Providing an appropriate reward for a targeted activity be it, to hit a sales target or buy x items of a product, is a culture we are all familiar with and act on daily.  Just open your wallet now as count the loyalty cards!
  8. Develop Purchase Habits: Such a technique is a regularly used strategy within certain industries.  Getting the initial purchase can often be the biggest hurdle but once the consumer develops a purchasing habit they often show a lack of inertia to move brands.  Familiarity becomes a ‘cosy’ choice and of course such brands, drop in a promotional item reward now and then just to ‘lock-in’ the consumer further
  9. Develop Online Traffic: Getting your company’s website address in front of as many customers and prospects as possible is a must.  Traffic is vital on the web.  The more ‘eyeballs’ the greater the sales potential. Driving traffic online can be a tricky and not an inexpensive business.  Increasingly Everything Branded clients are online companies using promotional goods to create awareness and a brand differential.
  10. Develop Social Skills: The boom in social media has presented companies with amazing opportunities to engage with potential consumers.  Some organisations are now taking it to a different level using promotional giveaways to attract vital retweets and engagements as well as follows, friends and likes.

In summary, promotional goods have been used within the marketing effort as a business discipline by organisations worldwide for many years. Major brands on almost a daily basis launch such campaigns for all the good reasons mentioned above. So why not join them and have your brand reach new heights.

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What is Personal Branding and Who Needs It?

Personal BrandingBeing a company that specialises in printed promo items we tend to talk a lot about corporate and charity branding. However, we thought that today we would take a different angle and look at personal branding – one of the big buzz words for 2013. Personal branding is sometimes known as ‘self-packaging’. A lot of people are enticed to buy products by the shiny, jazzy and luxury packaging that is said to reflect what is inside the box. Personal branding is simply a way of presenting yourself or your career to build recognition and trust. This kind of branding is not just for the likes of Lady Gaga and Barack Obama but is something that is becoming more and more important for business owners and charity representatives alike.

Deciding Where You Fit & Claiming Your Stake in a Niche

words to describe me

Which three words best describe you?

The first step is one of discovery. What personality traits do you have, what is your general persona and what are you passionate about? Get a couple of trusted colleagues to describe you in three words. These words will make up part of your personal brand. Next, you need to look at your industry and work out where you fit. Perhaps you are a charity fundraiser who wants to become the authority on online fundraising. Alternatively you might be the female MD of a thriving company who wants to become an expert on business networking for women. Personal branding really will set you apart and help you become an industry expert. This means you will have bigger reach and wider influence whilst becoming incredibly trusted. People want to buy from and invest in individuals like this!

Crafting Your Brand & Keeping Continuity

Once you have decided how you want to come across and what niche you are going after you then need to start your personal branding process. First, update your LinkedIn, Twitter and other social profiles. Use the same name (Chris, Chrissie, Christopher – pick one and stick with it), spelt in the same way as well as the same photo alongside your bio. When you blog or leave comments on other websites always use that name and picture in order to keep continuity and give people a chance of recognising you. It could also be worth setting up a Facebook profile for work purposes.

Peter Jones is well known for wearing brightly coloured socks!

Peter Jones is well known for wearing brightly coloured socks!

You will also want to update your blog, business cards and other marketing materials to reflect your brand. Pull together an online portfolio of your best work, work that backs up your ethos and conveys the messages you want to send out.

I once went to an event where the keynote speaker was dishing out networking tips. She told us that she always wears pink at networking events and it is a colour she has now become associated with. Have a think about your style and decide whether or not you need a signature look. These days it is important to stand out so that potential customers and partners remember you. Pick clothing that represents you and your brand (corporate and solid or fun and quirky?).

Now you have a great personal brand you need to get out there and show it off. Hit the networking scene both online and offline, attend industry events, run workshops and take on collaborative projects to get your name out there!

Once you have lived with your new personal brand for a little while you should start to gather testimonials specific to you. This will grab people’s attention and strengthen your persona.

Happy personal branding!

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The Advent of the Age of Print

The printing press is often described as the one of the doorways that led to the modern world. This revolutionary device really did change the face of history and make learning, and later different forms of media, available to the world at large. Before the printing press was invented in the 1440’s, creating literature was a very laborious process. All books and other writings had to be hand copied, something which was primarily done by monks and those of a religious order. It would often take a number of years to fully complete one copy. The monks would often use decorative texts during the process and this is where we get the art of calligraphy from. Due to the length of this process books were in short supply and generally only used for religious or state purposes by a small number of religious and royal officials. A hundred years or so before the printing press was invented the art of block printing became very popular.  This was simply the process of carving words and designs into wood and then using it as a stamp to print on wood and paper.

Despite there being a number of earlier inventions, like block printing, by other inventors, it is Johannes Gutenberg that is credited with transforming the printed world with his printing press. He used the basic principles from a number of these earlier inventions in order to create his own super machine, a machine that has given him worldwide recognition and acclaim. Gutenberg was a goldsmith by trade and he used many of the skills he had learnt as a metal craftsman to perfect his printing press. One of his most important developments was a type mould made from an alloy of lead, tin and antimony which produced a higher quality and longer lasting print than had ever been seen before. These materials have proved to be so effective that they are still used in printing today.

Just a few years after Gutenberg’s invention was made public there were print shops dotted all over Europe. The timing was just perfect as the Renaissance period had hit and learning was being widely encouraged across the classes. The demand for printed literature soared and so did the print industry.

The printing press not only impacted the educational and social lives of the medieval middle classes but it also transformed the way in which business was done. Businesses that had survived purely on their locality and the power of word of mouth could now print advertisements to advertise their wares. These advertisements opened up a whole new channel of promotion and thus began print advertising!  As well as this, businesses could also use print to brand their products or services. Business cards quickly came in vogue and businesses developed their own quality marks, or logo’s as we later call them. Thanks to the printing press these marks could now easily be reproduced and distributed which meant that many small businesses boomed into internationally known enterprises.

Today the market for printed promotional materials is much more complex and competitive than in the early days of Print. Nowadays all businesses are seeking to develop their brand and it is a case of differentiating yourself from your competitors and making sure that people remember you and your company. We think that branded promo products are a great way to do this as they are affordable and highly useful to your potential customers!

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New addition to the team what a couple of years

Well it’s nearly the end of the year and what a year or 2 it has been. I would personally like to thank all our existing clients small and large for your valued orders in these hard times we really do hope you are happy with the service and products you have received and that your promotion was a success. Now back to business and two bits of exciting news , with all our clients support we have managed to go from just myself to now having 2 full-time staff and now happy to announce that we have taken on our latest recruit in Michael Shearer. Michael is new to the industry and has joined the company through the governments apprentice scheme. He has a great personal design background and We know with training and a bit of patience he will be a great addition to the team. Now to our second bit of great news , we are happy to announce the introduction of our new bespoke CRM and ordering system. This seriously streamline e business ultimately giving you the end user a faster and cheaper service , 2012 is going to be exciting just watch this space.

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What Are Balance Bands And Do They Work

What Are Balance Bands And Do They Work

There are so many wellness products on the market that it is difficult to keep up with the trends. Balance bands are one of the most recent fads embraced by the professional sporting community. ‘What are balance bands?’ you ask. Well, they are a form of silicone wristbands touted as a way to balance the body naturally when worn on a regular basis.

Some versions use holographic technology to affect the natural energy field of the body. Manufacturers state that the balance, flexibility, and strength of the wearer are improved. In randomised and controlled studies, these bracelets resulted in no difference in balance for the wearer, leading to a lawsuit being filed against the manufacturer.

Other bands claim to balance the body by harnessing scalar frequency and negative ions. A blend of natural compounds and elements is crushed into powder form and incorporated into the silicone bands. These are designed to provide the wearer with negative ions. The metallised hologram inserted on the bracelet features a harmonic filter for scalar frequencies. Promoted benefits include better sleep, increased balance and flexibility, improved strength, pain relief, and a more relaxed state of existence.

These bands are sold for £15-25 and some manufacturers offer a money back guarantee. Many professional athletes, like Lance Armstrong and Rubens Barrichello,  David Beckham and tennis stars Sam Querrey and Mardy Fish have embraced the technology, making these bands quite popular, despite the negative press. Bands are now made from neoprene and terry cloth, in addition to silicone. Limited edition styles are available to support charity causes.

The Balance Bands said to improve performance may or may not be different from other silicone wristbands, such as <a href=””>infilled silicone wristbands</a> but I should mention that ordinary silicone bands are available at a much lower cost. These come in many colours and can be personalised with the name and logo of a business, sports team or charity.

They come in a wide variety of types, probably the glow-in-the-dark bands being the most spectacular as indeed they do glow in the dark, helping you to stand out in dimly lit night clubs. Other types include mosquito repellant bands, and bands that change colour as the temperature changes, are also available. Individuals who are interested in these can request free samples online.

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Using Wristbands As Promotional Gifts

Using Wristbands As Promotional Gifts

When you wonder what promotional items to take to use to promote your business at a trade show, or any other event, think outside the box. Pens and sticky notes are useful, but how many does a person need? For just as little money, a company can order silicone wristbands featuring the company logo and name. Using wristbands as promotional gifts is a fun way to advertise and caters for all age groups.

<a href=””>Promotional silicone wristbands</a> were originally used to promote charitable causes. They became extremely popular and vendors realised they could be used to support sports teams, businesses, and even events. As they expanded the colours and styles, so more  businesses begin to place orders. With several printing methods available, a company can customise the look and change things throughout the year.

In addition to single colour wristbands in hundreds of hues, two, three, and four-colour bands are available. Coloured bands are also affered in a version that glows brightly in dark conditions. Another popular feature is the band which changes colour as it gets heated by your body, resulting in a new appearance. For tour operators, or for companies who holding promotional events in the Mediterranean, mosquito-repelling personalised bracelets are a very good idea.

One of the less common method of producing is the logo or text is debossing, which is the opposite of embossing. The message is embedded into the band, with no additional colouring needed. Infilling the imprint with a different colour is also possible and results in a smooth band featuring two colours. Embossed printing creates a raised look, making the company name and logo jump off the band. Order a few of each style and see which one people prefer.

When ordering wristbands as promotional gifts for trade shows, get a larger quantity than you think you need. Price per piece declines as the order size increases and since these bands can be distributed at other events, they will not go to waste. Everyone who gets a bracelet at the booth will spend the remainder of the trade show advertising your company.

There is a truly amazing range of these wristbands to chose from when you advertise your company. Apart from debossed and embossed bands, there are also multi-coloured bands, and printed bands, not forgetting bands that glow in the dark. All available at low cost and are ideal just to get your name across in new area, at trade shows or networking events and parties.

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How to promote your business with wristbands

Using Silicone Wristbands To Promote Your Business or Charity

Lance Armstrong brought silicone wristbands to the mainstream marketplace and they continue to be popular many years later. A couple of years ago, Rubens Barrichello, the Brazilian F1 driver, started wearing one, and almost straight away won a Grand Prix, and seemed to be driving better. So many people attach desirable properties to these little silicone wristbands.

People with diverse interests have bought wristbands to promote a charity. For example, Rick Stein, Bob Hoskins, William Hague, Sir Terry Wogan and Alan Titchmarsh have all bought wristbands to support charities. One recent charitable use was to promote the Coldstream Guards, who are currently serving in Afghanistan.

The fact that these celebrities will willingly buy wristbands, and that many Hollywood film stars do as well, means that they are excellent promotional items for both businesses and charities. They started being worn as Balance Bands, which were said to keep the body and mind in balance, and thus improve performance in any endeavour.

As mentioned, many well-known sports stars and other celebrities have worn them, although it is said that there is no scientific evidence that they do what they say. But it is possible that the effects are outside the range of frequencies and forces that can be measured. Either way, the <a href=””>silicone wristband</a> is something that many people like to wear, especially if it promotes their favourite charity, or a product they use.

In fact, adults seem to love these bracelets as much as children do and it is not unusual to see a company   director sporting one under the cuff of a dress shirt. Personalised wristbands make perfect fundraisers for small business and charities, enabling local groups to get plenty of donations to their cause.

Silicone wristbands can be personalised with nearly any saying, as long as there is enough space. Debossed rubber bracelets feature inlaid print so the message becomes part of the band. Another colour can be used to infill the personalised area, for an even surface. Embossed customised bracelets feature raised print that is part of the band, and looks quite different.

Fund-raising staff can choose from hundreds of colours of silicone wristbands. They will have no problem finding a hue that matches their charity colour scheme. These customised bracelets are also available in glow in the dark colours, colours that change when heat is present, and even a version that repels mosquitoes. A mosquito-repellent band is an ideal product for tour operators that sell tours to hotter countries in the Mediterranean and further south.

Bands that feature two, three, or four colours make the wearer stand out in a crowd. These days it is considered pretty cool to advertise a charity, and people will want to know what charity these rubber bracelets represent. In fact, you will find that once you use them to promote your cause, they will spread out through the town because this accessory is something a person will want to wear all year, and will want to show off to their friends.

Silicone wristbands are so inexpensive and offer so many customisation options, they make the perfect charity fundraiser. Order them in the charity colours and customise them with the charity name, fund-raising event details, or an inspirational saying. Everyone in town will want to help support the good cause by purchasing one of these wristbands.

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Charity wristbands why ?

The Popularity of Charity Wristbands

Local businesses often sponsor community sports teams and these athletic groups feel like they should return the favour to a charity of some sort. Charities are the best organizations to support because they apply money to a good cause. Sports teams can use charity wristbands to support their chosen cause and distribute them throughout the season. No wonder, because many sports stars wear silicone bands, including sports stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Darren Bent, David Beckham, LeBron James.

With this endorsement, it should not be difficult for sports teams to raise funds, either for the club, such as to help build or improve a grandstand, or to help a local charity. The team manager can take a supply of these charity wristbands to all away games, and get a couple of volunteers to sell them at the gate. Of course, they would also be sold at the gate and at refreshment stands as well.

This is the perfect place to raise money for the worthwhile charity. Setting up a table near the gate entices fans to purchase the bracelets when they buy their tickets. Of course, teams will do better if they have a placard up saying : ‘Wear what David Beckham Does!’  It is a good idea, to give them an assortment of colours to select from ensures that everyone will be satisfied.

When they are not watching the game, spectators will wander over to see what is for sale. They will love making a statement with <a href=””>multi-coloured wristbands. Glow in the dark charity wristbands will also be popular with the younger crowd because these are like a toy and fundraiser in one. When the sun goes down and the team is still playing, supporters will be showing off their glowing bracelets.

Sports teams participate in various community events like markets, opening of stores, and the charity golf matches. The team can also set up a booth and sell customised bracelets, to make a lot of money for their charity. The crowd should be in the mood to help support a good cause and will appreciate receiving these wristbands for their donations.

Whether debossed, embossed, or infilled charity wristbands are ordered, any team can be successful at fund-raising. There are hundreds of colours and blends of hues available to highlight the name of the charity in an impressive way. Quality printing even allows the charity logo to be included on the band for a more professional appearance.

Of course, the use of these wristbands is not limited to sports teams and sport-related charities. Any charity, local or national, can benefit from distributing wristbands, because they go ‘viral’, meaning that people who buy them tell their  friends about this novelty they have, and more and more people will want them.

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embossed wristbands

Uses For Embossed Promotional Silicone Wristbands

Promotional silicone wristbands come in many styles and colours so it is easy to find an attractive combination. They are also several different types of wristbands, including embossed, debossed and printed, available in a wide range of colours, depending the style you choose.

Embossed printing features a unique appearance due to the raised print lettering. An alternative form of wristband is the debossed band, with the words are recesses in the wristband. The embossed style is a nice alternative and can be used for any message and logo. All wristbands are things people notice and talk about, so they make excellent promotional items for any company wishing to raise its profile.

One of the most common uses for <a href=””>embossed wristbands</a> is to raise money for a charity. Volunteers sell these outside the market, at local fairs, and at fund-raising events. For a small donation, a person receives one of these promotional silicone wristbands as a thank you for their support. Children and adults proudly wear these bracelets all the time.

To get sales you need customers, and before people buy from you they need to have heard of your firm and its products in a favourable way. This is human nature,and is why you need a cheap promotional item that will be noticed by the sort of people you are targeting as customers. Promotional silicone wristbands are an excellent way of getting you name out in the community, particularly among younger people.

For example, when a new business arrives in town, it advertises heavily to build a customer base. Advertising in the press and on hoardings works for some, but is a hit and miss affair as you never know how good it is. However, if your company is new in an area, silicone wristbands will be a very useful part of your marketing campaign. It is easy to find a suitable colour among the hundreds available and have the corporate logo and business name embossed on them.

What makes promotional silicone wristbands different is that they are trendy, noticeable, and people will want to wear them, even if they are advertising something. They can be used to launch a new product, a new brand, or an event, or charity. In fact, you can use them to promote just about anything.

Since these  bracelets come in many colours and print styles, they are very versatile. Owing to the very low per-piece cost even if your firm or charity has a small budget it is possible  to order several hundred without breaking the bank. In fact, you can even use them for test marketing by ordering several different types to see which one is most popular, and then concentrate on that one.

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